Beginnings EP

by The Mascaron

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"Beginnings" is a five-song melodic progressive metal EP, mixing atmospherics with a modern metal sound, dynamically utilising strong clean singing with brutish growling vocals to create unique, interesting melodies.


released May 2, 2013

The Mascaron Are:
Gints Grīnbergs (Guitars)
Ivars Kalniņš (Guitars)
Artūrs Bērziņš (Bass)
Phil Owen (Vocals/Samples)
Inga Lavrena (Synths/Electronics)

All songs written, recorded & produced by The Mascaron. Lyrics by Phil Owen. Copyright © 2013 - The Mascaron. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


The Mascaron Riga, Latvia

The Mascaron are a European melodic progressive metal band, based in Latvia and the UK. The band heartily experiment with different musical styles and electronic elements to create melodic and progressive metal music which incorporates the modern ‘djent’ sound. The current Mascaron lineup was completed in spring 2012 and the band are eager to release new music and tour as much as possible in 2013. ... more

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Track Name: Out of Time
Lost inner light
This is the moment when life slips through your fingers
Sands of life are but grains of a memory
Never sustained
It’s the choices that you made
Seranades of silence
Breach in the wall
Defiance will prevail
Now the time is here upon us
Away from the comfort you summoned
The lights turn to grey
Every second counts
My ablution is arranged
Revert this change
It’s the promise that you made
Simulate the string that holds this together
Hold this together
Track Name: Inside The Sun
As the light grows distant
Potent in delivery
Clouds bring back the feelings of distain
It’s where the process failed
A lack of decision
Nothingness is here
Soaking up the atmosphere
You shine lost in the white coma
Devastate the life that we all built
One cell at a time watch it fall apart
Desperate to regain control
That was never yours to own
The silence is awakening
Creation of strength within us all
Chaos Theory
Burning with this stream of energy
Lucid visions
Plaguing what is right before me
Leaving the void where you are
I remember a shining star
Where I fly from saving them
Threads of time sway so delicately
Track Name: Serpents
Do you recognise the face of the enemy?
Silently watching over rats
Soldiers of thought intent are blending
A game of fear from the animal
Inside the world who likes to hide
We have been fooled
Their lies for me deny
Choose where you all fall
Pulsing out of everything that you are
The inscriptions of fate
Are entwined in the world that we find
We all rise and we shall send them back to hell
The limits of deception swell
Do you recognise the face of the enemy?
Violently watching over rats
It’s do or die
Now is the time
It’s do or die
Now is the time to run
It’s the glistening life in the light
Slay and desecrate
Weaving the world into their prey
You’re in denial these words will decipher
Your message will find a way
Slowly suffer by the hands of the enemy
Track Name: The Night Before
Sweet delight
I will feel you once again
Though it hurts me to stay
For days I watched the way you moved
When you’re fighting for your life
What must have gone through your mind?
Pure incandescence
Remove restrained
Your wings are clipped
For years I trained
Prepared for every situation
Every outcome is escape
Never had desire to ask the question why, why?
You are sheltering from me
Feel the dagger slip
And it won’t give up on you
Until it’s the end of us
Don’t you know who’s breathing out?
Fear is soul-making
Leave the world behind
It wasn’t fate that brought you here
You were chosen
Now your fear is all that remains
Until the lights go out
Fragments of the mind reveal everything
Feel the dagger slip
And it won’t give up on you
Until it’s the end of us
Track Name: A Future Era
Lost all perception
Sentiments of salvation
Begging forgiveness is weak
The illusions create an impurity
We are invisible we are the ones to identify
Scratching out all foundation
How many times must we demand?
Everything has this beginning
Senses abolished from now to the end
Shards of reflection like chrome glass inlaid in black skies
I would give anything for moments like this
Roads with no direction
This suffering has been wasted without you
I lost all perception
Sentiments of salvation
Begging forgiveness is weak
The illusions create an impurity
We are invincible we are the ones to identify
Discovery waiting
The way is paved with bones
Save me from doubt
A design so fragile
Sea of rolling sorrow